Distance Healing Session

Distance sessions are given while you are in your own home or quiet space, and I am located at my office. You do not have to attend in person to receive the benefits of Reiki and Universal Energy sessions.

When receiving a Distance session, it's best to be in full receiving mode, relaxed, comfortable, and uninterrupted.
  • Set up an appointment, just like with an in-person session.
  • At your scheduled appointment time, I will call you on the phone and we will talk briefly to set the intention for your session. I will confirm the time I will begin and end the session and instruct you to call me after the session has ended.
  • Make yourself comfortable in a space where you are not going to be disturbed for one hour. You may want to play soft music, light a salt lamp, or burn incense as you desire.
  • I will intuitively send you a combination of Reiki and Universal Energy during your session. You will feel the flow shortly after we hang up on the phone. A distance session is a subtle feeling that is somewhat different for everyone. You should feel a sense of relaxation and may fall asleep.
  • At the end of the session, please give me a call to talk briefly and exchange notes on what we each experienced during your session.

People are amazed at what they experience and at what I experience during a distance session. I can often sense when you are falling asleep or into a deep meditative healing state. I sense energy blocks just as if you were there in person and can clear them in the same way too. I can sense Chakra imbalances and clear Chakra blocks. Many report that their pain went away, or they slept very well following a Distance session.

Bernadette Doran, BS, RMT explains it the best in her article, The Science Behind Distant Healing, The Reiki Times Vol. 13 Autumn Issue 2009.


Many people are skeptical of Distance Sessions until they experience it for themselves. Here are just a few testimonials.
"I have to admit when I first heard of distance Reiki, I was skeptical but after reaching out to Michelle, during a difficult period, I was open to anything! I am so glad I was. Michelle and I live over 80 miles from each other, but the session felt as if I was in her studio. I experienced the same level of benefit, the same after effect of peace and I reach out for it all the time now...a quick text is all that stands between Reiki and me. I absolutely rely on it!."
— EJ
“I had the privilege of having a remote Reiki session with Michelle, and it was wonderful! The pre-and post-session phone calls ensured we were on the same page and bookended the session with Michelle’s thoughtfulness and concern. I feel like none of the connection between us was lost due to distance and it is a wonderful solution to current social distancing practices or for anyone who is homebound for any reason. Michelle is a warm, caring, very talented practitioner who truly loves what she does and believes deeply in the healing power of Reiki, and her passion is inspiring. I would definitely recommend the remote sessions.” 
— MP
“I had my first session of distance Reiki with Michelle, and it was amazing!! She called me so we could connect verbally for a few minutes prior to the session. Once we hung up, I relaxed in my space and within minutes felt myself separate from my physical being. As I laid there, I could feel her beautiful energy connected with me. Throughout the session I felt and heard her presence as well as “touch” in places that I needed to release. My body felt so light as she worked on my energy self. I could feel the negative energy leaving and the positive energy taking over me. About 50 minutes later I felt my energy self-reconnect with my physical self, we spoke on the phone a few minutes later about our experience and we realized that what I was feeling was exactly what Michelle was working on at that time. I highly recommend this type of Reiki work with Michelle as we are living in a time where personal contact is being limited.” 
— DS
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